Roof, Patio, Decking and Path Pressure Washing Services


House & Garden Pressure Washing Services

Gardens and Roofs in Surrey & Hampshire commonly suffer from the continuous growth of plant material on roof tiles, paths, patios and decking. Modern gardens tend to be smaller size and density, residential gardens in Surrey & Hampshire get lower than average direct sunlight and little wind. Mosses and algae grow easily in these wetter, more sheltered conditions.

Algae, moss and other plant matter can make walkways really slippery. It’s a good idea to keep your paths and decking clean to prevent accidents. We usually find that annual pressure washing done thoroughly is adequate.

Using a pressure washer is an excellent way of cleaning your outdoor space. They are a lot more effective than trying to use a yard brush. Our gardeners have access to a range of different pressure washers to help make your garden look great again. Call us today!​

Don’t think that pressure washing is only for roofing, decking and patios. Almost every hard surface in your garden that’s exposed to moisture is at some point likely to benefit from a pressure wash. Depending on how well they’re protected from the weather, things such as wooden furniture, can benefit from an annual clean.

Items we commonly pressure wash: –

Wood decking and cladding
Concrete and stone patios or pathways
Wooden garden furniture
Non-glazed pots and planters
External walls covered with moss and algae
Children’s climbing frames